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Food in Michigan is varied, and it comes with a cherry on the top.
Few would have thought that a member of the parsley family could be used to make an outstanding liqueur. Yet, anisette, based on the oil from anise seeds, is just that.
Long considered a producer of inferior wines, British Columbia is now being recognized as a winemaking powerhouse.
We need fat in our diet. However, there is real concern  about the links between excessive consumption and obesity or heart disease.
I am in great need of a salad dressing recipe that contains no lemon juice nor vinegars (no Bragg's liquid aminos either). Do you have any recipes please? I may need to eat this way for 6 months or more to see if my health condition resolves.

From: Deb.

Asian cuisine holds a special fascination for the Western visitors. Food in Asia is a true festival of scents and flavors. After all, most spices originated somewhere there.
Middle Eastern cuisine is characterized by its diverse flavors, staple ingredients like grains and spices, and communal dining traditions such as meze.
Grapes are truly sweet and delicious fruit. This is one fruit to buy from the organic section at the grocery store.
Tthe winemaker is a skilled technician and makes some magic.