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World food and wine site was born from the interest in food and wine as part of the culture of every country.

We believe that that food is more than just a necessity; food is culture and it is an art form that can be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. We want to share what we have discovered about world food, wine and cooking with you.

Cooking can be a fantastic way to explore the world. So, why not challenge yourself with new flavors and recipes? Dare to bring the spirit of different cultures right into your kitchen. Create dishes that will leave everyone in awe - all without having to set foot outside your home.

We believe that food should be enjoyed and shared with others, and our recipes are designed to do just that.

Why World Food and Wine

World Food and Wine was born from one curious girl fascination with new adventures, travel, food and wine. She was raised in Spain, excellent food and wine country, being very familiar with French and Italian cuisine by proximity. It was in Madrid where she started to share skills and recipes, with other cooks from all over the world, through an international club. After that, she had the opportunity to live in a few different countries, and she was able to widen her cooking horizons.

When this girl discovered global cuisine, she took to it with such zeal that her children, when young, were known to ask "Where are we going today?" instead of the classic "What's for dinner?" Needless to say, wine tours, food factories, well known and little known restaurants, have always played an important role in family vacations. Since then, many dishes once considered exotic became part of the family's every day repertoire, and although the children are not children any more, they still enjoy spontaneous "food travel" days when visiting home.

This girl grew older and she passed World Food and Wine to a new generation of enthusiasts in the shape of her own children, nieces, and nephews. She is happy to dedicate more time to real travel, and sampling dishes, she once prepared with what was available, cooked with original ingredients. Visits to food producers and wine tours are still very much in her plans. At every museum, old cooking implements hold the same magnetic attraction they always had for this old girl. Local cookbooks, food and wine samples always find a way to the souvenir case. It is possible she will bring a few new recipes on occasion.

Writing down recipes is difficult for those who like to prepare their dishes intuitively. One has to learn to measure everything, and write comments on each trial, and the results. The recipe format is on World Food and Wine is predictable: a list of ingredients, including measures and preparation instructions, in the order they are used, and then the procedure, step by step. We try to highlight the temperature and cooking method, as well as give an idea of the cooking and preparation times.

Preparation times given are an estimate of the time it will take to get the ingredients ready; all the washing, peeling, measuring, and so on, Times given do not generally include standing time, that is time for marinating, chilling, freezing, or such. Cooking time is an orientation of how long the food should be cooking, once cooking temperature has ben reached. For instance time food should be simmering, but not taking into consideration how long it took to bring the liquid to the boil, how long  a piece of meat should be frying once the fat is hot, or how long a cake should be baking after the oven was heated in advance.