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Other drinks and beverages

Infusions, Juices, smoothies and milkshakes.

  • We serve aperitifs before a meal, to stimulate appetite and encourage relaxation.
  • We serve tea coffee, tea or herbal teas after meals, to aid digestion. They are also a welcome break at any other time.
  • We often serve wine with food, in fact choosing a wine, and pairing food and wine has developed into an independent discipline...
  • We consider fruit juices as an ideal start for the day and a welcome cooler any time in hot summer days.
  • We serve hot chocolate poured into warmed cups to help war off the chills of winter.
  • Eggnogs, punches, toddies are also a part of the winter vocabulary. Liquor free eggnogs have helped many to recover from illness.
  • The drink department, with all sorts of alcoholic and alcohol free combinations, is essential in every social occasion.

We often drink when we eat. In our busy modern lives, sometimes we eat liquid food, having perfected the art of blending smoothies and fruit, or vegetable, purees to the point of creating whole meals – providing all the nutrients and energy required - in a cup. Tea and coffee have become a stimulant part in the daily life of millions of people. Both beverages have a long and fascinating history.

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