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Spanish omelets

Spanish omelets have a consistent filling, are thicker than normal omelets, the French kind, and they are not folded, but flipped over. The ingredients are simple and considered as minor cooking matter. All the same... what a great dish when well prepared!

Omelets, the Spanish style

Potato omelet is the most popular and best known of the Spanish omelets. However, there are more than potatoes to omelets Spanish style. A country omelet, for instance, is a potato omelets with a variety of extra ingredients added, neither are potatoes the only basic filling, other vegetables such as eggplant or zucchini also work well.

Spanish omelets have their secrets. Let's find them out.

Ingredients for a Spanish omelet

Of course, an omelet would have eggs.


Choose them large and fresh. Beat lightly, just to mix. For a juicier omelet, add water or milk in the proportion of 1 tsp for 2 eggs. Two eggs is the minimum, one would make the omelet too thin and dry. Four to five eggs the maximum, as more would make the omelet too thick or difficult to flip over.

Main filling

Sliced cooked vegetables are the favored filling for a Spanish omelet, potatoes, eggplant or zucchini are suitable and potatoes are the preferred option by far. Estimate a proportion 1 3/4 lb filling for 4 eggs. The filling is cooked in advance and drained, then mixed with the egg. To cook the filling, peel and slice evenly, then fry in plenty of oil -olive oil works best. For a juicier omelet, cook 1 small onion, sliced, with the chosen filling.

Something to flavor

Other items can be added to make the omelet a more satisfying meal. Such complements improve flavor, color or texture, or enhance the omelet's nutritional value. Add small amounts, about 4 Tbs maximum or, if adding more than one extra ingredient, 2 Tbs each. Reduce the amount of main filling ingredient -up to 1 lb if adding several extras.

Cheese or cooked shrimp are a nice addition for a zucchini based omelet. Roasted red pepper, grilled vegetables or Serrano match with an eggplant based one. A potato omelet would go well with almost anything: Serrano, chorizo, peas, grilled peppers, canned tuna, cheese or cooked shrimp.


A Spanish style omelet is cooked in oil, not butter. Olive oil is the best as its delicate flavor harmonizes with all the traditional ingredients. Any other vegetable oil would work. Usually 2 Tbs oil are more than plenty to cook a 4 egg omelet.

How to prepare a Spanish omelet

Prepare the filling first, fried, grilled, roasted or stewed, or just chopped if it does not require cooking. Drain well. Beat the eggs and season, if needed -if the filling is spiced or it highly seasoned, don't add any more salt to the egg. Add water, milk or cream to the eggs for a juicier omelet if the filling is too dry. Incorporate the filling to the beaten eggs and mix.

Heat up the oil in a pan over medium to high heat. Add the egg mixture when the oil is hot and shake lightly the pan to distribute the filling evenly. Cook for 1-2 minutes. Slide a spatula under the edge of the omelet, once the eggs begin to cook, to release it from the pan. Flip the omelet with the aid of a plate or a lid and cook for a further 1-2 minutes. Jiggle the pan to prevent the omelet from sticking to the bottom. Slide onto the serving plate.

Remove the frying pan from the heat. Press a lid or a inverted plate over the pan with one hand, hold the handle with the other and, flip! Return the pan to the heat and slide the omelet back into it.

Ideas with Spanish omelets

A Spanish omelet, especially a potato omelet, is delicious dished up with no additions. However, omelets have lots of possibilities and there are many ways to make them varied and interesting.